Our Mission is to

Provide trading solutions with the best possible services.
To gain the satisfaction of our clients and to be the preferred partner for their most challenging projects.
To encourage innovation, teamwork, professional integrity, commitment, enhancement of knowledge and skills of employees and a safe working environment.
To be recognized internationally as a prestige leader in trading solution services.


Our vision is to aspires to be a strong and efficient conscious company in the areas of global trading services.

Our Services

An extensive lineup of products for a wide array of clients. The following services are provided by us:


We provide from small items such as rice and children’s toys to as big as construction equipment and beyond. We are in collaboration with both domestic & international companies and manufacturers of products.
We boast an extensive lineup of products available to address client needs across the board.


We provide shipping to your desired destination.


Along with shipping we can also provide QC before shipment via 3rd party, which is optional.

Why You Need LiWaiLi as a Sourcing Partner in China

Sourcing from China is unlike any other type of procurement-based sourcing. Businesses with existing purchasing departments frequently lack the resources required to source, negotiate, contract, and monitor Chinese suppliers. When companies buying in China rely on their purchasing department, they consistently face ruined productions and low-quality products. Sourcing from China requires a unique understanding of the cultural and local landscape while consistently remaining present during productions to ensure expected results. LiWaiLi acts as an extension to your procurement department. We position ourselves between you and Chinese suppliers to mitigate risk and ensure your production and shipping of products has a successful outcome.

Seamless and Cost-Effective Manufacturing

Our sourcing services are all-inclusive. Traditionally, businesses wanting to purchase directly from China would need to contract third-party resources to assist in the legal, product compliance, quality assurance, and control, as well as logistics. When we source products for our clients, we include everything into the cost of each product.

We give businesses a clear, upfront understanding of their exact costs to produce and ship a product from China. With LiWaiLi, there are no surprises.

You can focus on your customers
We take care your products

It is time-consuming for businesses to purchase directly from Chinese suppliers; without building detailed production processes and monitoring suppliers on-site, the risk for potential issues throughout a production increases.
At LiWaiLi, we’ve made it our mission to help businesses wanting to manufacture from China by dedicating our resources and ability to plan, oversee, and finalize productions.